Before I became a writer I stumbled through a jumble of jobs from television acting to drama teaching to legal counselling to kindergarten dogsbody, to check-out chick to personal assistant and everything in between.

I grew up on the Gold Coast, when it was still a lovely beach village and my father was a high-school English teacher with a penchant for Shakespeare. His love of words and stories was a gift that I still treasure today. I have always written, from the age of about four and I was never without a pen in my hand. I wrote plays and performed them with friends from school to very little applause. I wrote short stories and was thrilled at twelve to come second in the Gold Coast Bulletin’s essay competition, with the theme of ‘My Brilliant Career’ to coincide with the launch of the film, starring Judy Davis and Sam Neil. I wrote about my dream to follow in Stella Maria Sarah Miles Franklin’s footsteps to become a great writer. My first girl crush was on her feisty character of Sybylla Melvyn and I wanted to be her when I grew up!

Life and boys and bands and then Sydney, marriage and children distracted me from my literary dreams and I traveled about the country like a gypsy gathering stories in my head, filing them away for the day when I might pick up a pen once again.

Somewhere along the way I graduated from law school with a degree that interested me about as much as vomit. It was those tedious years of writing horrible legal papers that became the impetus to get me back into creative writing. I gave myself one year to get my writing noticed before I would throw it in and get a real job in the legal sector (did I mention vomit?).

I wrote a memoir and eleven and a half months later, I was shortlisted for a Queensland Premier’s Literary Award in the Emerging Writer Category. That was the sign from the universe that I was waiting for and I decided that it meant I should pursue a career in writing.

One Way or Another  was released in 2012 with Black Inc. Sandy Feet was released in 2014 with UQP. I have written for the Sydney Morning Herald, The Hoopla, Mamamia and The Big Issue.

Hexenhaus was released on October  31st, 2016 so I guess, all in all, it is beginning to shape up into something like a career. I am excited to announce that Hexenhaus will have two follow on books published by UQP in 2018 and 2019.

I live on the beach at Terrigal and plan to take up surfing this coming summer. I am currently writing an adult fiction manuscript while also transposing Hexenhaus into a screenplay as I am keen to move back toward film next year.

If you wish to book me for an event or a speaking gig or if you just want to say hi, my email address is on the home page.

You can find out more about me in these articles….

The Story of a Girl who Loved Rock Stars – Jenny Valentish

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      1. The end is near.God is still in full control. I stand in support of Is-Galreod’s chosen country all time. I pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for our nation also. Whaooo!


      2. Lidia disse:Muito interessante realmente, pois que muito pouco se conhece realmente sobre o que aconteceu nesses anos antes da queda do muro, além do que as notícias que a gente tinha ou eram propaganda da URSS ou dos Estados Unidos.Só um comentário, a segunda foto dos jovens com os braços extendidos me fazem lembrar de várias cenas de 1984, de George Orwell.

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  1. Nikki – I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying your book ‘One Way or Another’.
    It’s one of my favourite reads! When I bought the book, the guy in the bookshop actually asked if the book was about ME! (hahaha – I laughed at the time, but after reading it, I have to say – your story reminded me of my own teenage years as a pop-tart!!!!!).
    Not only was One Way or Another funny-laugh-out-loud, but I was also quite saddened about the breakup of your relationship with Billy. I’m sure your kids and friends all love to hear your life-stories, because I certainly did!

    I haven’t read any of your other books, but I’ll be keen to read some more.
    Rock on, sister!

    Rebecca : )
    Sydney NSW

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    1. Hey there Rebecca….nice to hear from one of the pop-tart sisterhood!!! It made me so happy to know that you’re enjoying my book….the next one Madness, Mayhem and Motherhood takes up where I left off at the end….Thanks for making my day with your message and yes….ROCK ON! love Nik xxx


      1. great! I’m going to make my way to the bookstore to see if I can find it, or order it in!
        I’m thoroughly enjoying OWOA (how apt…should be pronounced ‘oohh-waaaa’), so I can’t wait to read what happens next…


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