Month: December 2015

Rock n Roll Writing

In April 2016 I’m off to sit on a panel at the inaugural Rock and Roll Writers Festival in Brisbane. What a shazam of an idea, hey? Bringing rock and writing into the same conversation.

Today I’m looking back at the rocking books that made an impact. First up there’s mine, One Way or Another (see the link above)….my little groupie romp through the eighties with bad hair, fluorescent make-up and shoulder pads….oh and a few boys from the band as notches on the bed post. Being published made a huge impact on me so I had to start there.

Some rock memoirs are just self-indulgent dribble. The plots tend to run the predictable track of wannabe muso….slugging it out in seedy dives…..makes it big….drugs and groupies and more drugs and groupies…..disease, addiction, shady managers ripping them off….sobriety, spiritual enlightenment….and then it’s all about the music again.

While often predictable, some stories do manage to dig out more emotion and shine the torch a little brighter on more unusual aspects of the tired old journey. Some even sparkle.


HIGH FIDELITY by Nick Hornby

Best quote

“In Bruce Springsteen songs, you can either stay and rot, or you can escape and burn … but nobody ever writes about how it is possible to escape and rot … That’s what happened to me; that’s what happens to most people,” says loser record store owner, Rob.

CHERRY BOMB by Jenny Valentish

Best quote

“There will be more photographs of me in existence than the prime minister, the leader of the opposition and any visiting dignitaries put together….” says Nina Dall, the narcissistic founder of girl band The Dolls.



Best quote

“A lot of people feel the Sex Pistols were just negative,” he says. “I agree, and what the fuck is wrong with that? Sometimes the absolute most positive thing you can be in a boring society is completely negative.”


”What I represent is attitude, point of view. What I represent is some sort of spiritual neighborhood. If you hate me then you hate your most favorite parts about yourself. Ozzy is the Prince of Darkness and I’m the Patron Saint of Larceny. Who would you rather be?” says the king of crazy. Neither thanks, Dave.

So looking forward to the festival, the festival, the festival. Buy a ticket, go along and I’ll see you there.




Life’s a Witch


My new blog. Gearing up for a brilliant 2016. My Brilliant Year. The most exciting thing about 2016 that I can think of so far……is….that I have a new book being published! This is almost as exciting as welcoming a new baby into the family, being just as terrifying and awesome and sometimes messy.

Some days I have to remind myself that this is real because the only thing harder than getting a book published, is getting a second one published and here I am gestating my third book-child.

One Way or Another was a troublesome, exciting, willful and difficult child who threw me into the public arena, howling and screaming. It was a rush. There were interviews with the Footy Show guys, three-page spreads in the Sunday Magazine splashing my dirty laundry all over the country and twitter trolls. She was a mischievous imp of a book.

Then came Sandy Feet, a gentle little boy book that whispered sensitively and wrapped himself up in angsty knots. It was a book that was born of some personal pain and drew on some of my legal studies. He will always be my very special baby.

This year …..we will have a big, epic sweeping tale of witches, yes witches. This new daughter of mine, tentatively called Hexenhaus will be strong-minded, brave and ambitious. This baby will be a lot like me – outspoken, deeply and passionately devoted to feminist issues, while employing a few mystical magic tricks up her skirts along the way. The due date is late September and little Hexenhaus is already stirring my belly with excitement.

I am looking forward to editing with a brand new editor….she will be, like the others before her, my midwife, and given that this book is about the terrible European witch-hunts it seems a fitting description given that many of the victims of that holocaust were midwives.

I am off to my first writers festival in Brisbane in April to discuss the relationship between rock and roll and literature. Exciting times.

In 2016 I will turn 50 but I go into the new year feeling about fifteen. The future looks bright. I just have to survive Christmas first…..